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To get a genuine raro hardcore hardware cast iron frying pan you do the following:

  1. transfer to our bank account.
  2. Send an e-mail to raro [at] raro [dot] asia and attach proof of payment. This could be a picture of the ATM slip of the transfer.
  3. Make sure that I know the delivery address…

Our bank details:

Nilnapha Chaichit


SCB Laem Chabang


NEW! We also accept bitcoins now. Please contact us for more info.


21 Responses to Order your pan

  1. Arwen says:

    Where do you deliver? Thailand only?

    • raro says:

      Generally, yes, Thailand only. If you need the pan delivered abroad, please send me your address by e-mail and i will quote you for the shipping.

  2. Boon says:


    Very interested in your cast iron pans! Been searching everywhere in Bangkok for one but all i can find are the horribly expensive Le Creuset and Staub brands.

    Could you please give me your address in Pattaya? Would love to see the products first. Best regards.

    – Boon

  3. Suwicha Pornawalai says:

    Need to get your product by myself, if you can send me any map or contact details or if unable please return me any information. thanks

  4. Suwicha Pornawalai says:

    Do you have a cast-iron pan in your stock now?

  5. Suwicha Pornawalai says:

    Could you confirm me, you have a pan in your stock now, coz I wait your return for a long time. Need your confirm before transfer, thank you.

    • raro says:

      Dear Khun Boon,

      we are still out of stock and the flooding did not help here…I HOPE to have some pans end of this week, but no promises. Will get back to you as soon as I have pans. This is a promise!

  6. bb says:

    I see the comments here are a bit old so just want to check to see if you are still selling the cast iron pans. If we order multiples, do we get any savings?


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  8. Jeans says:

    Are u still delivery ur product here and it seems no longer updated so long. Also, if still where can i find ur product in BKK? are they cost in the same price here right?

    Thank you

    • raro says:

      yes, we are still in business. Updating this website is part of every New Years resolution, along with going to the gym and many other things 😉

  9. Mr. Felder says:

    Do you have a distributor where I can purchase directly from in Chiang Mai ???

  10. John Fotiadis says:

    Wanted to update these comments to say I am very happy with my purchase. I bought two cast iron pans (12 Inch). They are solid, large, and look fantastic. Ordering was easy, and delivery was the next day. I highly recommend.

    • raro says:

      Thanks a lot for the flowers! I like to pass them on to Kerry Express who we use for our deliveries. They are indeed very fast and reliable throughout the country.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hi! I am visiting Bangkok from January 24, to January 31st 2017. Would you be able to send me le Pot to a Bangkok Hotel? How much will it cost?

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